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Cleaning and Caring for Your Anodized Ti

Anodized titanium provides a color finish that will not fade or dull over time. However, similar to raw Ti, the anodized finish is susceptible to scratching and fingerprints. Although scratches are fairly inevitable through regular use of a bike, adding frame and component protection films may help prevent extensive scratching and premature wear.

Because the colors of your anodized finish is based on the thickness of the Ti oxide layer and its influence on the "thin film effect" (check out the science section), any fingerprints, oils, and dirt will effect the color of the finish. To clean and restore the original color and luster of your anodized finish, remove any large pieces of dirt and grease with an alkaline cleaner like Simple Green that will clean and remove grease and oils (including fingerprints). Once clean, a rinse with distilled water should leave your bike bright and colorful again.

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